My name is Rana Chemali, I am a nutritionist trained in dietetics and behavioral therapies. I offer an innovative approach in mind-body nutrition to help you address your challenges with health and body image.

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A certified nutritionist and eating psychology coach

I hold a Nutrition and Dietetics, a Coaching Certificate in the Psychology of Eating and trainings in Behavioral Therapies. I use a mix of breakthrough know-hows and principles in nutrition and coaching to help you reach your goals. My areas of focus are Body Weight, Fatigue, Digestion, Diabetes Immunity and Body image.

A compassionate and experienced guide for your journey

With more than 17 years of experience in counseling, I make sure to develop a relationship based on trust and confidentiality so that you feel safe, respected and welcomed during our work together.

A motivating and engaging therapist who puts your needs first

I believe in my client’s unique gifts and ability to change. I do my best to empower you, motivate you and guide you through. I put your needs first and work with you so that your challenges become opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

An innovative mind-body approach

Our eating and body image challenges are often connected to other areas in our life such as work, money, relationships, family, intimacy, stress etc. I use coaching strategies that work on those areas and on the connections between brain, body and behavior to empower you to change and achieve more sustainable results.

Food Nomade : an invitation to a journey

Food Nomade is an empowering journey to bring about change in your life. It is an invitation to explore new ways of nourishing yourself and increasing your awareness of your body and mind while addressing your health challenges in order to improve your life.

A cutting-edge medical nutrition therapy 

I give advice and develop solutions with are based on the latest sciences and breakthroughs in preventive and medical nutrition therapy. Today’s modern science is confirming ancient wisdoms and practices: more than anything else, the food that we eat regularly plays a very large role in determining our health. I make sure our work together determines which foods and nutrients contribute to your healing, prevent diseases and allow you to age better.

About my personal journey

While practicing as a nutritionist, I quickly realized that diets and exercise alone rarely bring sustainable change in people’s wellbeing and health. This motivated me to start looking for new answers in the fields of psychology and behavioral therapies. After completing my trainings in those fields, I created ‘’food nomade’’ with the aim of offering a new approach that combines both nutritional and behavioral principles. The main objective is to better guide my clients in going through a deep and transformational change experience.

I believe in the ‘power of the journey’ to bring about change. My personal journey has been one of a nomad. I lived most of my life as an expatriate in different parts of the world, including Canada, Lebanon, France, the U.A.E, Korea and Turkey to name a few… Traveling from east to west allowed me to discover, explore and learn about different cultures, people and rich food traditions. This taught me that there is nothing called the “best diet’’ or ‘’perfect nutrition’’ but that there are many different ways of nourishing oneself to be healthy instead. Today, I share this experience with my clients to guide them discover and explore their own unique way of eating and improving their health.

Food nomade (French for nomad) is about this journey: a personalized guided experimentation with new ways of eating and being, for a better life.

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