A Personalized Nutrition Consultation for Change

In my one-to-one consultation sessions, I offer tailored-made guidance, nutritional advice and motivation to help you find solutions to your health and nutritional challenges. My areas of focus are Body Weight, Fatigue, Diabetes, Digestive problems, Immunity and Body Image challenges.


The path to change

  • Step 1: Assessment Consultation
    90-120 minutes

    During this first session I will ask you a lot of questions regarding your challenges, lifestyle, medical history, family and relationship histories and personal targets…
    Those informations will help me assess if I can help you and how we could work together towards your goals. At the end of this session we will agree on the modalities and strategy for the following sessions.

  • Step 2: Coaching and Therapy session
    60-90 minutes 

    During these sessions (their number usually varies from 4 to 12) we will engage with tailored made strategies and solutions to reach your goals. I will provide you with nutritional information, practical tools, recipes and will use coaching techniques and advice to help you in your journey. At the end of each session, we will agree on a “homework” or set of tasks to be completed for the following session.

  • Step 3: Evaluation Session
    30-60 minutes 

    At the end of a determined number of therapy sessions, we will take the time to go through an evaluation session of the work and progress that we would have done till date. We will then agree on the course to follow for either a closure session or additional consultations.

  • Step 4: Closure

    By this time most of your goals would have been reached and our work together will come to an end. I usually like to keep in contact with my clients and if you agree, I would call you for a short phone follow up chat once or twice a year.

What to expect during your sessions?

Explore other dimensions in life

In order to address your eating challenges appropriately we need to explore other dimensions in life that impact food, weight and health such as stress, relationships, financials, family etc…We will explore your unique relationship with food and health challenges and find result-oriented solutions that work for you. This approach will empower you to embrace change and experiment with new ways of eating and tuning in with your body.

A mind-body approach

The skills that I use to guide and motivate you through this journey are a combination of practical coaching techniques, strategic behavioral therapy, clinical nutrition, body-centered practices, and a positive and compassionate approach to challenges with food and health.

A tailored-made service

I combine the best strategies from nutrition therapy and eating psychology to focus on what’s right for YOUR body, age, history and lifestyle. It is a personalized, tailored-made service that also values privacy and confidentiality.


I am multilingual and offer my sessions in both French and English.

Live or video calls

I like to do my sessions in a live setting but if you prefer, I also offer sessions through video calls.

Is this Service made for you?

This approach would be good for you if:

  • you tried previous diets and exercises and failed to maintain the weight off for a long period of time,

  • you have issues with body image and struggle with binge eating,

  • you seek a positive approach to nutrition rather than a punitive one,

  • you want a holistic approach that takes into consideration your unique body, emotions and lifestyle,

  • you are confused with the conflicting nutritional information from media and experts,

  • you seek to find a sustainable solution to your problems,

  • you suffer from challenges in body weight, fatigue, thyroid, diabetes, digestive problems or food sensitivities,

  • you want to be motivated and encouraged in your journey for better health,

  • you need a non-judgmental and compassionate therapist who values confidentiality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this approach different from what is out there?

Today, media and experts are inundating us with negative messages about body, food and diets. Nutrition is rather a recent science and nutrition experts are often promoting conflicting advice. As a result, people are confused about what to eat, and how to have a happy relationship with food and maintain a good health balance.
In my practice, I combine the best strategies from nutrition science and eating psychology to focus on what’s right for YOUR body, age, history and lifestyle. It is a holistic and personalized approach and a positive, non- punitive one that brings back pleasure to the table and thrives for an improved quality of life.

What are your working hours?

I am a working mom and I understand the need to be flexible to attend to my client’s schedules and to balance work, family and personal duties. I will make sure we agree on times and dates that are appropriate for both of us.

I have a special religious food regimen, does your approach respect my choices and beliefs?

I respect my clients and I value the role of spirituality in the journey for personal transformation and happiness. Your personal values, beliefs and religious practices shape who you are and are welcomed, respected and taken into account throughout our work together.

I live in a small community and worry that friends might learn about my privacy and my problems. What is the level of confidentiality I get?

I highly value privacy and confidentiality during and after the time we work together. I have long lived in expat communities and understand the close ties that bind community members and the necessity to keep all personal, professional and medical information completely confidential to protect the lives and privacy of my clients. At the beginning of our work together, we will sign a confidentiality agreement that is binding for both of us and that ensures you feel safe, respected and that your personal information will always be protected.

I want to loose weight quickly and need a strict low calorie diet that I can follow to reach my goal. Do you give fixed low calorie menus that I can prepare and eat to get thinner?

I do no believe that ready-made low calorie menus can help you loose your extra weight and ensure that it would be kept of for long. Unfortunately, most of the low calorie diets do not allow sustainable weight loss nor long term change results. My approach doesn’t include this kind of dietary strategies.

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