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Rana Chemali, Nutrition Consultant and Mind Body Practitioner
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Personalized Nutrition Consultations for Change

In my one to one consultation sessions, I offer tailored-made guidance, nutritional advice and motivation to allow you find solutions to your health issues and nutritional challenges. Our collaboration will empower you, to embrace change and experiment new ways of eating and tuning in with your body.

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Group Workshops for Guidance and Inspiration

Food Nomade offers workshops in Nutrition and Health. Workshops are interactive, inspiring and offered in small groups. Subjects covered include: Mindful Eating, Stress and Nutrition, Beauty and Wellbeing, Children’s Nutrition, Energy, Fatigue and moods, Relationships to Food and Body image etc.

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Find sustainable solutions to your current nutrition and health challenges

I tap on both behavioural therapy techniques and Medical Nutrition Approaches to develop with you solutions that put your Physiological, Emotional and Lifestyle Needs at the Centre of the Therapy.

A Holistic and Personalized Approach

There is no unique perfect way of eating but there are as many good ways of nourishing ourselves as there are people on our planet! In my approach, I make sure my guidance and advice are tailored to your unique profile and specific needs; which include not only your body, but also your mind and lifestyle. This holistic approach ensures that you are engaged and active in your journey and helps better develop solutions to your health, nutritional concerns and body image challenges.

A Behavioural Approach to Therapy

Change is often the most challenging aspect of a journey for improving our health and ways of nourishment. I draw techniques from Mind-Body Nutrition, Dynamic Eating Psychology and Strategic Systemic behavioral therapy. I coach you into embracing and sustaining change and overcoming the limitations of willpower. This approach will allow you to explore and walk new paths in eating and taking care of yourself.

Cutting-Edge Medical Nutritional Therapy

I give advice and develop solutions with you based on the latest sciences and breakthroughs in preventive and medical nutrition therapy. Today’s modern science confirms ancient wisdoms and practices: more than anything else, the food we eat regularly plays a very large role in determining our health. I make sure our collaboration determines which foods and nutrients contribute to your healing, prevent diseases and allow you to age better.

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The concerns we experience with food, body and health are simply a doorway to larger life lessons. Can we be courageous enough to walk through?

Marc David
Institute for the psychology of eating

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Starting a Journey with Food Nomade will set you on the path for Improved Health and Wellbeing

Nutrition as a Doorway for your Transformation

A solution-based and results-oriented journey where you play an active role

I will encourage you to connect with your inner wisdom to bring more awareness about your body, eating patterns, thoughts and emotions. You will experience a greater sense of power and trust in your own abilities for understanding and shaping your health and wellbeing.

An improved sense of wellbeing and health

Experiencing new ways of eating, new foods and new pleasures, reconnecting with your body and finding your appropriate rhythm will ensure that you have an improved sense of wellbeing and a better health.

An increased sense of empowerment and trust in your body

I will encourage you to connect with your inner wisdom to bring more awareness about your body, eating patterns, thoughts and emotions. You will experience a greater sense of power and trust in your own abilities for understanding and shaping your health and wellbeing.

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It was with great interest that I attended the workshop on kids’ nutrition that was animated by Rana and Vanessa. I left the workshop delighted! The methodology used and the supports were playful, yet relevant. I left with new ways to explore in order to improve the atmosphere around family meals that could easily turn into a nightmare in front of a dish of spinach.

Daffa K.

Rana offered an informative and thought provoking seminar which approached nutrition and eating in a very different holistic way.  Parents who participated gave extremely positive feedback and several ones said the seminar had really made them want to go home and re-evaluate their overall approach to mealtimes rather than focus on what their child eats every day.  The workshop was interactive and fun as well as educational. We look forward to having Rana join us again at our Preschool very soon!

Colette Laffan-Persembe

Director - Bosphorus International Preschool

I came to Rana after struggling with dieting for many years. What I learned about myself and the way I eat was a game changer… I felt held and supported yet challenged and encouraged in a new direction. With this new awareness, I am now making better choices when it comes to the food I eat and the way I nourish myself. I am grateful for this incredible experience that changed the way I trust my body and take care of myself.

Valerie C.

I came to Rana knowing quite a lot about nutrition. During our work together, I felt understood and pushed in the right direction. I also met a wonderfully knowledgeable and open minded person who is always learning and researching new ways to make things better for me and tailored to my own individual needs. Rana is very kind, empathetic and helped me feel safe when I was vulnerable.

Chloe C.